Fast service

2 hrs turn around between booking and collection.

Friendly support

Kwik Drops staff are friendly and always happy to help

Secure payments

Kwik Drops has a 24hr customer support.


kwik Drops Guarantees a 2 hr turn around or money back

1. Do all of your vans come with a driver?

Yes, all of our vans come with at least a driver, if you are considering hiring a van to drive yourself please take the time to check out the benefits of Man and Van vs Van Hire.  when you hire a van to drive the van doesn’t come with a driver meaning there isn’t any value-added in most cases it is more expensive.

2. What should I expect from the Kwik Drops staff?

When Kwik Drops staff arrives at the pickup address you should find them to be polite and ready to start your move.

3. How Long has Kwik Drops Has Been Operating?

Kwik Drops is part of a large network of companies, kibsnet group Ltd. Our Head office is in Birmingham and London, we have been operating in Birmingham for last 1 year and in London for the last 3 months.


Despite Kwik Drops trading for only a few months, trust us that you are in safe hands. our staff are highly trained and most of them come from well-established removal farms and have a huge wealth of experience.

4. Is the quotation price what I pay in the end?

In most cases, yes, but you will have to bear with us as it’s hard to gauge how long it might take to load and offload. When obtaining a quotation our member staff will explain the minimum charge and the hourly rate if applicable,

Minimum Charge 

Unfortunately, the minimum charge is applicable at any given point desibite on the length of time it takes our movers to load and offload. During relocation, if it happens to go beyond the minimum charge the hourly rate will be in effect till the customer requests out or renegotiate the terms and conditions..

5. What happens if i cancel ?

If the cancellation occurs more than 10 working days before the agreed date for the work, a refund of 100% of all monies paid.

If the cancellation occurs within 10 working days or less before the agreed date for the work, a refund of 150% of all monies paid with the exception of any VAT or insurance charge that exceeds that shown on the original removal quotation.


If monies have not been paid, the Member shall pay all reasonable costs incurred by the Customer as a direct result of the cancellation

6. Are you fully insured?

We have a full range of Insurances in place to cover all relevant aspects of our Business.

We offer goods in transit insurance, that provides you with an insurance contract that is directly between you and the insurer. The insurance cover is on an all risks basis and therefore includes accidental damage cover. Coverage takes place from the moment the goods enter Kwik Drops, custody and control until the final destination.

Our Key Commitments to You

We promise to act fairly and reasonably with you and uphold all the standards contained in the Code.

  • To make sure that our advertising and promotional literature is clear and not misleading.
  • To provide you with a clear description, price and timetable for the work carried out.
  • To offer insurance or other protection options.
  • To explain clearly our liability for loss or damage, the time limit for making claims, and cancellation/postponement rights and changes.
  • To provide staff who are courteous, competent and committed to providing a high standard of service.
  • To deal quickly and sympathetically with things that go wrong.
  • To publicise this Code, have copies freely available and make sure our staff are trained to put it into practice.


If Something Goes Wrong

If you have a complaint about our services we will try to resolve it fairly, quickly and efficiently. If we can’t settle your complaint to your satisfaction you may refer it to the BAR’s FREE Conciliation services on:Consumer.affairs@bar.co.uk / Tel: 01923 699 486

If you are still not satisfied a low-cost, independent arbitration scheme is available operated by the Charted Institute of Arbitrators.